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Chameleon Power Management Unit (2 amps/channel, 10 amps total)

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Chameleon Power Management Unit (2 amps/channel, 10 amps total)


Quick Overview

Chameleon Power Management Unit (PMU) (2 amps/channel, 10 amps total) Requires Chameleon Control Unit (CCU) for use with one or more PMU's


Next Generation Synchronized Lighting Control Now Available

If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive and complex sequenced lighting systems or if you have an existing sequenced system (i.e., Animated Lighting or Light-O-Rama), but are looking for a creative addition to the system, Chameleon from Lights Alive is the answer.

CHAMELEON does for synchronized lighting what FireFly did for lightning simulation. Simply put, there is nothing like it! CHAMELEON synchronizes your music to lights in real time without the need for costly and time-consuming custom programming. CHAMELEON is a great source of entertainment for crowds waiting for entrance to your haunt. It also works well to attract attention when used to light the outside of your haunt. It's also great for DJ's and for bands. Big or small, CHAMELEON can light it all.

Chameleon is a highly intelligent (microprocessor-based) lighting controller that creates a professional light show without the need for expensive pre-programmed shows or time-consuming custom programming. Simply connect Chameleon to your audio source and to your lights, then start your favorite music playing and you have an instant synchronized light show.

Unlike sequenced systems, Chameleon interprets the pitch (frequency) and the volume (amplitude) of the music, then translates that information into light on-the-fly. Specifically, a low pitched tone will trigger one channel while a high frequency triggers another channel. A mid-frequency triggers yet another light, etc. The intensity of the light is proportional to the volume of the sound. In other words, quiet sounds yield small amounts of light whereas loud sounds create bright light. Chameleon yields a far more accurate and realistic interpretation than is possible with sequenced systems programmed via your computer.

For those who have already invested in a sequenced/computerized lighting system, Chameleon takes your existing show to new levels. Chameleon provides the pre-show show and intermissions, using any of your favorite music, without the need for programming. This keeps you and your guests from becoming bored by listening to the same programmed shows over and over and over.

Those who want to go farther can incorporate Chameleon directly into their existing sequenced shows. Chameleon’s light show beats any sequenced system, hands down, in terms of realism and accuracy, so you let Chameleon do what it does best…  a light show based on the music, then add custom special effects from your sequenced system, thus combining the quality of Chameleon’s show with the flexibility of custom effects from your sequenced system. It doesn’t get better than this!

Small home system? No problem. Large commercial installation? No problem. Chameleon’s modular systems are available in a variety of different configurations to meet your specific needs. Chameleon belongs anywhere there is music.

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